Top Tech Tools for Companies to Help Their Customers During COVID-19

Keeping your companies momentum (remotely)

The coronavirus outbreak is affecting all of our lives in one way or another. The biggest effect is that many people are now working from home. Especially the bigger impacts on the current economic downturn caused by the pandemic, many tech companies (especially, productivity & infrastructure providers) announced their COVID19 response programs during the last couple of months.

Most of them provide:

  • Either extended free usage of the service, with some limitation
  • Significant discount for the service, at least for the duration of the pandemic (mostly until fall 2020)

A prime example of such a tool is SpatialChat, which is a casual communication & networking platform for online conferences, education, and afterparties it provides a temporary free of charge platform for online conference organizers, most which had to cancel their offline events for the whole 2020. Now, thanks to SpatialChat, they can run online conferences with networking & afterparties and providing close to real conversation experience.

Now more than ever, if you’re an employee who has worked in a typical office, there’s a good chance that you can adjust to working from home during this critical time — with the right tools, of course. Read on to find out how to keep your productivity high while working from afar with these top tools:

  1. Atlassian. Their flagship product the Jira issue-and-project-tracking software is now free for teams of up to ten people. This is especially helpful for small startups where they’re teams are smaller.

  2. Adzooma. Adzooma is making its tools for managing digital ads on Google and Facebook free of charge until June 1.

  3. Aware. Aware is offering its Spotlight product, which allows employers to leverage a single, centralized view of all collaboration networks, for free through May.

  4. The cloud-based payment processing solution is offering a free, three-month subscription.

  5. Boardable. Boardable is offering its board engagement and management platform to nonprofits everywhere for free for up to 90 days in order to help board members communicate and continue board operations.

  6. Box. The business edition, which offers things such as unlimited storage and data-loss protection, is now available for free for 90 days.

  7. Breezy HR. The recruiting software company has made its live video interview and assessment capabilities free to all organizations for at least 60 days to ease the transition to virtual work.

  8. Ceros. The experiential content creation platform is providing free access to the Ceros platform and ecosystem through Ceros Gives.

  9. Enable. The rebate management software provider is offering its Essentials package, which lets users do things such as set up deals and create a central repository of them, free of charge.

  10. EZ Texting. The SMS marketing software company is providing free emergency text alert services to municipalities, government organizations, and schools.

  11. LogMeIn. Making “Emergency Remote Work Kits” designed for nonprofits, schools, and health care organizations available for free for three months.

  12. Loom. The video messaging service is offering unlimited videos under its free plan through July 1.

  13. Intercom. One of the leading providers for customer support infrastructure for web and mobile services is giving away its service for free to any nonprofit or institution fighting COVID19 and its impact on society, or working to help those affected.

  14. Mediafly. Mediafly is offering a free, 60-day trial of its essentials sales enablement package, providing content management, reporting and analytics, and live content sets.

  15. Mindsay. The company, which focuses on the travel industry, is offering a complimentary three-month COVID-19 customer support chatbot for companies looking to help ease customer stress and reduce support costs by quickly answering customers’ virus-related requests.

  16. Moz. The leader in search engine optimization techniques is offering free access to Moz Academy through May with promo code “wegotthis.”

  17. Lavu. Lavu is offering MenuDive, the company’s white-label online ordering and delivery solution for restaurants, for free to U.S. restaurants.

  18. Okta. The security-focused cloud software provider is offering access to Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) and Okta Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

  19. RedMonocle. IT tools rationalization and consolidation solution provider is offering a free, rapid tools assessment for IT teams searching for ways to eliminate unnecessary software tools and save jobs.

  20. Slack. Offering free upgrades to paid plans for teams working on coronavirus pandemic research, response, or mitigation.

  21. SpatialChat. An online video conferencing platform that allows you to not only conduct group video calls but also have side conversations in private virtual rooms.

  22. Twilio. This infrastructure company is supporting now organization for public benefit, COVID19 first responders in healthcare education and nonprofit sectors.

  23. Uploadcare — a file upload & CDN infrastructure provider for software companies. In response to the COVID19 pandemic, Upload care gives Full Access to Developer Accounts for free.

  24. Vena Solutions. The company’s newly launched Vena Agile Planning QuickStart package offers a four-month free subscription to the Vena FP&A platform.

  25. Clarity Wave. To aid businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Clarity Wave’s team is offering a 3-month free subscription to its employee engagement software.

I’m pretty much sure, that there are more examples out there right now. It doesn’t even matter, whether these response support programs are marketing campaigns in their nature or a true cause to help: these efforts help teams organize their work and have the infrastructure to spin up their new projects at a lower-than-usual price. Not only, the technological barrier to entry is at its lowest now, it’s also more affordable than ever to start a new project.

This pandemic has come with new challenges, and many may struggle to adapt. Hopefully these tools will help you get along and work efficiently with team members, collaborate on projects, and boost your output. We hope that this environment will help a new unicorn to be created by someone out there.